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  • Domains Explained

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    domains 101 meeting
    A free public presentation given by Emily Witcher and Christy Costello on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at the University of Montana, on behalf of Women for the Web. Informative topics included: How can I choose the best domain name(s) for my web site? Who sells domain names and how can I buy/register one? How do I set up a custom domain name to point to my existing WordPress (or other) web site? What if I need to make changes to a domain name? How can I avoid getting scammed and spammed? Here’s... 
  • WordPress 101 presentation

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    Wordpress 101 meeting

    Christy Costello of Eyesite Creative and Becca Sayre, on behalf of Women for the Web, gave a free public presentation at the University of Montana about the most popular blogging tool and content management system WordPress. View the full presentation here