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Blog: Educational Series
  • Responsive Web Design

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    You often hear the words Responsive Web Design or some phrase with the word Responsive in it, but wonder what it really means. A responsive website simply means the layout responds to a user’s viewing device automatically – no separate software or app required – nor is it a “simplified” version of a website. You’ve seen those before: where you often have to go to the “non-mobile” version, to find the content you are looking for. A responsive website’s... 
  • Web Design Process

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    We are often asked the process behind making a website. It’s a big puzzle…a 10,000 piece one. The closest comparison to the actual process is that of building a home. A website has a foundation, an exterior and exterior, and can be configured in many different ways. Same with websites. There’s building code standards that have evolved over time, to ensure a 6 foot tall human can fit into a doorway, etc. The web world evolves faster, and the standards evolve around web browsers and... 
  • Search Engine Optimization versus Marketing

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    This is the dark mysterious corner of the internet: search engines. Nobody knows exactly how they rank websites (it’s a secretly guarded algorithm that’s constantly changing) but we do have ideas what search engines like and dislike. Most of this has been learned by developers through trial and error over time. The algorithm is always changing because once something has been figured out, it’s often exploited. You’ve probably heard of the major search engines:  Google, Yahoo,... 
  • Social Media tips and tricks

    Social media is sharing and communication. It can be very broad, while ad marketing is more targeted. Social media can be used for advertising, PR, customer service and sharing news. Primarily, social media is all about having conversations. A good social brand interacts with it’s target audience. It develops meaningful ties over shared interests, and demonstrates a genuine interest in their audience. Listen, join the conversation, be transparent, get personal, and be authentic. Some do... 
  • Domains Explained

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    domains 101 meeting
    A free public presentation given by Emily Witcher and Christy Costello on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at the University of Montana, on behalf of Women for the Web. Informative topics included: How can I choose the best domain name(s) for my web site? Who sells domain names and how can I buy/register one? How do I set up a custom domain name to point to my existing WordPress (or other) web site? What if I need to make changes to a domain name? How can I avoid getting scammed and spammed? Here’s... 
  • Websites vs. houses

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    house in hand
    Websites can be compared to a home, just on a different scale. Similar to a house, there are hundreds of little details that go into a website to make it function properly. However, what exactly does a website need to be fully-functional? First of all, the content has to be easy to find and well laid out. The website should be aesthetically pleasing. It should be easy to update and search-engine friendly. A website codebase, which is the equivalent of a foundation in a home, is the bulk of the structure.... 
  • WordPress 101 presentation

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    Wordpress 101 meeting

    Christy Costello of Eyesite Creative and Becca Sayre, on behalf of Women for the Web, gave a free public presentation at the University of Montana about the most popular blogging tool and content management system WordPress. View the full presentation here