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EyeSite Creative is a small web design and development studio located in Missoula, Montana.
We focus mainly on websites and anything related to them.


Christy Costello

Web Designer & Developer, Owner

Christy's beginning years were spent working as an in-house web designer for Spectral Fusion Designs at The University of Montana. Christy worked for Spectral Fusion while striving towards her bachelor's degree in Geography, which was completed in 2006.

After graduation, Christy worked for 3 years as the principal web designer for Pyron Techonologies in Missoula, designing websites for medical clinics, hospitals, power companies and other national industries.

Today, with over 17 years professional experience, Christy has gained an extensive knowledge set that sets her apart from others.

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Craig McNinch

Contract Web Programmer

Craig started down the path of computers and programming when he purchased his first computer from a school auction in junior high for five dollars, an obsolete Commodore PET. Over the years, his interest in programming continued and soon after starting college, he became employed as a web developer for Spectral Fusion Designs. He was later promoted within the University to IT Manager for the College of Arts and Sciences. Within Spectral Fusion, he worked on numerous projects for the University of Montana as well as non-profits and government agencies.

During his employment at the University, he worked toward the completion of his masters degree in Computer Science. Craig now works as a contract web programmer for various clients across the nation.