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Social Media tips and tricks

Social media is sharing and communication. It can be very broad, while ad marketing is more targeted. Social media can be used for advertising, PR, customer service and sharing news. Primarily, social media is all about having conversations.


A good social brand interacts with it’s target audience.

It develops meaningful ties over shared interests, and demonstrates a genuine interest in their audience.

Listen, join the conversation, be transparent, get personal, and be authentic.

Some do nots:

  • do not rant
  • remember, you are NOT your audience – do not alienate with political opinions, personal beliefs, etc.
  • do not try and sell
  • successful brands don’t preach, they engage

Some dos:

  • create your voice. If you have a story, share it
  • accentuate the positive, downplay the negatives
  • correct your mistakes, let your audience know
  • be active
  • pay attention to what’s performing well
  • keep it classy and nice
  • re-purpose information from newsletters, etc but make it relevant and timely
  • do giveaways, secret codes
  • ask questions! This will help engage your audience
  • give them a reason to stick around
  • pull in numbers (top 10 lists etc)
  • add photo, ask for response

Other suggestions:

  • don’t be afraid to evoke emotion
  • don’t be afraid of admitting mistakes, it shows you are human
  • don’t be afraid to experiment

Instagram and Facebook suggestions:

  • post regularly
  • use hashtags (#dontmakeittoolongoritbecomesirrelevant)
  • don’t clog the feed (overposting)
  • comment, like, respond
  • Facebook posts can be scheduled in advance

Twitter guidelines:

  • schedule tweets at least two weeks in advanced

blogging ideas

Blogging suggestions:

  • most time consuming, but highest payouts with user engagement, search engines
  • blog links can be shared on other social media networks, thus increasing traffic
  • set a goal for HOW OFTEN
  • set guidelines and monitor comments
  • keep comments short and sweet
  • feature guest bloggers for different voices

Social Media Tools: