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Websites vs. houses

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house in hand

Websites can be compared to a home, just on a different scale. Similar to a house, there are hundreds of little details that go into a website to make it function properly. However, what exactly does a website need to be fully-functional? First of all, the content has to be easy to find and well laid out. The website should be aesthetically pleasing. It should be easy to update and search-engine friendly.

A website codebase, which is the equivalent of a foundation in a home, is the bulk of the structure. The problem with older codebases is that they take more work to maintain, because often they are built using older, clunkier technologies. All codebases become depreciated over time, and eventually will need replacement to save costs moving forward. An older foundation, while visually evident in a home, can be more difficult to tell in websites without a trained eye. Performance-wise, you’ll notice the website begin to drop off in search engines. Aesthetically, it just looks and functions like old technology, or quite simply: it’s boring. Functionally, it’ll be lacking or have issues, perhaps only working in certain browsers. The bigger problem is that nobody takes pride in the website and it eventually falls by the wayside. Don’t fall into the trap of needing your website completely re-done every 2-3 years – build it right so it will last, and maintain it for optimal results. Even a simple exterior “paint job” can make a big difference. Contact us now if your existing website needs some work, whether it be a new foundation or a new paint job. You’ll be surprised at the results, because at Eyesite Creative, we are here to change the way you look at the web.