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Maintenance services to ensure your website runs smoothly

Just Maintenance

1 hour designated
$75 per additional hour


3 hours designated
$70 per additional hour

White label

5 hours designated
$65 per additional hour

What's included:

  • Fix dead links and errors so that no “page not found” messages appear on the site.
  • Create regular database and file backups in case of site compromise or server failure in the future.
  • Update WordPress framework, plugins and features of the website builder to protect from vulnerabilities.
  • Check the website on multiple devices after any changes are made to ensure the pages look good across platforms.
  • Test website functionality like contact forms, e-commerce integrations, and spam protection and making any changes needed.
  • Security scans and log file review for intrusions.

Benefits of a retainer:

  • Work with an expert who is already familiar with your project
  • Ability to budget and manage unexpected costs
  • Peace of mind knowing you are covered
  • Exclusive discounted rate
  • You'll receive priority throughout the month when making requests
  • Zoom/phone call and email support

The fine print:

Site diagnostics: Eyesite Creative will check for new WordPress updates, plugin updates, bug fixes, and anything else that requires maintenance on a monthly basis. Eyesite Creative will proactively identify issues and share other recommendations with the Client. Should the diagnostics fall within the retainer hours, Eyesite Creative will proceed with fixes without Client’s approval. If the recommendations exceed these hours, Eyesite Creative will seek Client’s approval before proceeding.

Ad-hoc requests: Client will receive priority throughout the month when making requests.

Special or urgent requests: Client will receive priority for any additional web support, coaching, or urgent web project that are requested that fall beyond the monthly retainer hours. For urgent requests, please provide Eyesite Creative with a minimum of five working days notice to accommodate Client’s needs.

Project Schedule: The agreement will remain active until Client provides a written 30 day notice to cancel this agreement. Eyesite Creative will continue to provide web maintenance services through the month of the requested cancellation and invoice for such services as final payment.

Working Relationship: A single designated person will serve as Eyesite Creative’s contact for coordinating work.

Compensation and Payment Schedule: The site maintenance fees will be billed monthly and sent by email. Any additional hours beyond the monthly retainer will be billed at discounted rate in 15-minute increments. Should client requests exceed the retainer hours, client will be notified in advance of any overages in a given month. Unused hours expire at the end of each month and do not accumulate.